About us

Who We Are?

xGen Photo specializes in organization picture days and large-scale events. We have been serving south-western Ontario for over 10 years and we cover many prestigious national and international events all over the country. Our company is professional, reliable, dependable, and accommodating.

If your event has hundreds or thousands of participants or tens of thousands of photos, we will run it smoothly. If hundreds of attendees will criticize the committee because of poor service, then we are the company that will have the attendees praising your committee for great photos. We have the photography experience, software processes, and ability to handle large number of photos at massive scale.

To keep all your attendees happy, we will produce great photos and we will make sure photo processing is done perfectly.

Sports League & Dance Studio Picture Days
With our exclusive pre-shoot, onsite, and post-shoot ordering processes, we deliver high quality, smooth-running picture days. Browse through our gallery of real league photos to see what your league members can expect.

With our unique technology, we are the only dance studio picture day company that prints on-site in real-time, eliminating the frustrations and delays of manual order forms, late distribution, online proofing, and upset parents. On picture day, all your dancers are beautifully photographed, and parents take home their prints without any chaos. Now you can focus on dancing instead of distributing photo packages.

Tournament Action Photography
Get the most innovative company, with extensive experience in action photography, to represent your event. No more buying 1 or 2 prints - we offer your athletes, all their photos for a flat rate! We can deploy 20+ viewing stations to ensure everybody gets a chance to view their photos. Our viewing stations bring extra enjoyment to your event, so your attendees can further enjoy the highlights.

With our fully automated camera-to-view system, your attendees can view their photos instantly after they have finished performing.

How Are We Better
We are better because we are a small family business and we make sure that every photo is the best we can do. We are dedicated and we will stay all day, even those 14 hour long days, so we can make everyone happy at your event.

Our technology, processes, and software are custom-designed and developed by us, and we own and operate them exclusively. Want to print on the spot - we can do that, need individual privacy with instant email delivery - we can do that, need a special process that doesn't exist in the world - we can create it.

If you just need a family photo shoot or your wedding covered, you can call many photographers including your local neighbour with a camera. But if you have 50 countries' first daughters getting married at the same time and location, and you need coverage of everyone, and each guest's set of photos need to be privately sent to the correct guest in real time while collecting each guest's email privately - you call us!


"No more cardboard cut-out picture frames, outdated poses and bland backgrounds here ... these pictures are the real deal ... professional in every sense like those you would expect to find on the internet of NHL teams / players!"

Oro Minor Hockey.

"Very very good feedback for the photos. Actually far beyond expectations! Now I know why you guys came so highly recommended!

And without hesitation I would highly recommend you guys to any team or league looking for amazing photos."

Tina Van de Ven,
Komoka 5 on 5 Spring Hockey League - President.
"Exceptional customer service. Thank you again for always accommodating."

Barrie Colts AAA Zone - Picture Day Organizer.
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